How Does A Key Cloner Work?

How Does A Key Cloner Work?

One of the best ways of replacing car keys is to clone them. But, what is an auto key cloner, how does it work, and why should you consider investing in one?

What Is A Key Cloner?

A key cloner is a simple device that reads the information held in the transponder of the car key. Every car key is specifically matched to the individual vehicle it comes with. The cloner will read that information, copy it, and allow you to easily transfer that exact copy of the key information directly to another car key.

Why Might You Need One?

A car key cloner can come in useful if you want to make sure your customer has an extra spare key available for their vehicle. It can also be useful in circumstances where the customer has a professional pool vehicle, for example, and they want to make sure every driver has their own key for it. If you're a professional auto locksmith or diagnostic garage, a key cloner can also be an invaluable tool in your arsenal.

What Are The Benefits?

The key benefits of a key cloner are that they're both cheaper and easier than getting a key completely reprogrammed from scratch. Reprogramming can be a time consuming and costly business, but a key cloner takes information directly from the pre-existing key and it can quickly imprint it into a blank one.

The Future Of Cloning

Car key cloning isn't going away, as it offers a convenient and cost-effective way to manufacture a spare key for a vehicle. The only thing that will change with cloning is how it interacts with the technology of car keys as they continue to develop. For example, key cloning never used to involve a computer at all - it used to simply involve cutting a key to match the existing one. As technology and security continue to develop and improve, so too will the way key cloning works.

Choosing The Right Key Cloner

If you're looking for a key cloner, Advanced Keys is proud to offer the
TDB500 from the Diagnostic Box. We love this key cloner because it's easy to use, efficient, and affordable. When it comes to key cloning, you need a device that's simple to operate and can offer reliable key cloning every time; that's why we offer the TDB500.

For more information about key cloning, or to buy a TDB500 key cloner, contact Advanced Keys today.

Image source: Pixabay