About Us

We are UK based suppliers of wholesale car keys, key fobs, remotes and transponders to the trade, worldwide.

Created in 2003, Advanced Keys Limited was set up to provide automotive locksmiths with wholesale car keys, key fobs, remotes and transponders directly rather than from the vehicle manufacturer. Originally set up to supply the UK trade market, Advanced Keys has progressed to selling products to locksmiths and technicians worldwide.

Advanced Keys offers a comprehensive range of original wholesale car keys, remote controls and transponders (chips) along with aftermarket keys, which work with a range of key programming systems including the TDB1000 distributed by ourselves in the UK.

With large stocks of competitively priced wholesale car keys, transponders and remote controls, the locksmith can order the required parts and program them to the customer’s vehicle without delay, providing a fast and cost effective service.

If you’re not sure which product you need, just give us a call (trade only)

Originally set up to supply the UK market, Advanced Keys has progressed to supplying wholesale car keys, fobs, remotes and transponders to locksmiths worldwide.*

The range of wholesale car keys, remote controls and transponders offered by Advanced Keys is constantly being developed and new items are added as they become available. We are always willing to help by providing information about which keys fit which vehicle, so anyone in the trade who is thinking about adding vehicle keys into their portfolio are welcome to drop us an email or call us to discuss any aspects of this.

The internet shop is popular with locksmiths and distributors everywhere. It has been designed to be simple to use and secure payments can be made by credit/debit card or bank transfer allowing you to order wholesale car keys 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For locksmiths who prefer to order their wholesale car keys via fax or phone, Advanced Keys is available Monday to Friday during office hours. Orders can be paid for by credit/debit card and if received before 3pm Mon to Thurs and 12 noon Friday, the parts will be packed and posted out the same day where possible.

Although we supply wholesale car keys worldwide to the trade, there is no minimum order imposed and there is a fixed postage charge regardless of the order value.

Since 1994 most vehicle manufacturers have fitted various types of alarms/immobilisers to their vehicles in response to Government reports on increased car theft.

Advances in technology have driven improvements in vehicle security systems which although good for crime statistics, these advances pose challenges for vehicle owners and locksmiths/technicians involved in aftermarket diagnostics.

Most vehicle keys are fitted with a transponder (chip) which is a small electronic device that will fit into the head of the key or onto the circuit board of the central locking remote control. This transponder holds a code which is transmitted to the vehicle’s immobiliser and if correct will allow the vehicle to be started and to continue running. Transponder technology has developed and later systems use rolling (cryptographic) codes to improve the security of the system.

All work associated with transponders/immobilisers was originally retained in the VM dealers. However, aftermarket equipment is currently available which allows copying of transponders and complete programming into the vehicle systems.

As well as supplying wholesale car keys, Advanced Keys also supplies many key related Diagnostic Tools  and are the UK Official distributor for The Diagnostic Box that are invaluable to the Automotive Locksmiths in the trade.