TDB1001 – OBD Blocker


Brand: The Diagnostic Box

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OBD Blocker

Stop a Robber get a

It’s new, it’s secure and it works. Protect your Vehicle.
Think your car is secure? Think again. Did you know over 300,000 vehicles are
stolen each year in the UK alone? Did you know that your car could be stolen in
20 seconds? Do you know what OBD is? Car Thieves DO!

WARNING! Organised
criminals are using OBD technology to steal your car. All that’s required is a
low cost piece of electronics which runs Key Programming Software. Your pride
and joy gone in seconds, maybe never to be seen again. Protect your Vehicle
with the OBD Blocking Solution.

What is it? The
OBD Blocker simply blocks unauthorised communication through the OBD port to
your vehicle. This helps prevent key programming or other unauthorised activities.

How is it installed?
The OBD Blocker comes as a matching pair: a small tag which is attached to your
key ring for easy access and a module which is securely connected to the existing
OBD connector in the car.

How does it work?
Think of the Blocker as a switch. Without the matching tag the switch is off,
so blocking unauthorised access to your car. To enable access, place the tag on
the module and the switch will turn on.

When will the tag be
The only me the tag will be required is when you take your car to
a garage for repair work, service or for a breakdown recovery service.

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