What Are The Benefits Of Transponder Keys?
Technology in the automotive industry rattles along at a fair old pace. This has seen cars and the accessories we associate with them change drastically over time. Car keys are a great example of this and have come a long way since first being invented. This now sees most car manufacturers provide transponder style keys with their vehicles. But what are they and what benefits do they deliver? What Is A Transponder Key For A Car? In simple terms, a transponder is just a type of key that drivers use to lock, unlock and start their car with. But how does a car transponder key work? T..
How To Protect Car Keys From Being Hacked
If you work in the auto trade then you will be well aware of the modern advances cars have seen over time. You may also get customers asking your advice on certain matters or calling you out to resolve certain issues. One hot topic right now is car key hacking. Since the birth of the latest ‘Proximity/Hands-Free’ keys, this is something that has been growing steadily. But what is car key hacking and how can you protect car keys from hacking? What Is Car Key Hacking? Modern transponder keys come with a range of benefits, such as being easier and more convenient to use. While they a..
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