The 4 Most Common Reasons Auto Locksmiths Are Required

The 4 Most Common Reasons Auto Locksmiths Are Required

When a house key is lost, calling a locksmith is a relatively inexpensive solution: a set of new keys or, in the worst-case scenario, a replacement lock is all that is usually needed. For car owners, however, a lost or defective key or fob poses a major inconvenience, as robust vehicle security will mean the car cannot be unlocked or started without expert assistance. Gone are the days in which a spare car key could be ordered from a high street key cutting service or supermarket!

Auto car key locksmiths are qualified specialists in vehicle security. With access to complex electronic programming equipment, they can solve a variety of car key fob problems. Modern vehicles rely on coded keys or fobs that communicate with the car engine or immobiliser to prevent theft, and therefore require more detailed technical knowledge than a traditional locksmith would usually possess.

What are the four most common reasons why auto locksmith services are needed?

  • Car Key Cutting and Reprogramming

Damaged car keys are not uncommon, but to cut new blades is not as simple as popping down to the nearest key cutting shop. Modern car keys are programmed specifically with a unique user code so that a blank copy cannot be used to start the vehicle, thereby decreasing the risk of theft. Newly cut keys always need to be programmed, which can only be delivered by specialist manufacturer-accredited auto locksmiths or garages who offer auto locksmith services.

  • Door Lock Replacement

While the rising popularity of keyless cars has seen the decreasing need for car door locks , many older cars are still on the road. Over time, wear and tear can result in broken locks, while crude attempts by thieves to gain entry can also result in irreparable damage to lock barrels. Auto locksmiths can replace worn or damaged locks, giving owners of older cars easy access to their vehicles whenever they need.

  • Solving a Lockout

Being locked out of a car is a big inconvenience, whether at home, work, or elsewhere. Lost keys, or those that are locked inside the vehicle, strand the car owner on the spot and throw their plans into disarray. An auto locksmith possesses the knowledge and tools to gain entry to the vehicle quickly and can also provide new keys if required.

  •  Car Key Fob Battery Replacement

The tiny batteries in car key fobs will, eventually, run out of energy, at which point it will become difficult - or impossible - to unlock the car. Even if entry is possible, the car may fail to recognise the presence of the fob if the signal is weak and may refuse to start. Replacing the batteries is essential, but many key fobs require reprogramming at the same time. An auto locksmith can ensure the keys or fob are coded correctly, whereas a straight replacement of the batteries could render the keys useless.

Increase The Service Range of Your Garage Business With Auto Locksmith Services!

Many garages subcontract car key reprogramming to dedicated auto locksmiths. At Advanced Keys, we can help you add car key reprogramming to your in-house service portfolio, so you can carry out these specialist services in-house, saving money and boosting your business’s reputation. For more information, please get in touch today by calling 0121 749 5210.

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