The Main Differences Between An Auto Locksmith And A Traditional Locksmith

The Main Differences Between An Auto Locksmith And A Traditional Locksmith

While most people are aware of what locksmiths do, there are some acute similarities and differences between the work of traditional and auto locksmiths. A traditional locksmith is an expert who makes and repairs mechanical locks on doors to commercial and residential properties, whereas auto locksmiths specialise in electronic locks for vehicle doors, tailgates, and ignition systems.

Locks and keys are, therefore, a common theme, at least in terms of the words used for whichever type of locksmith you call out, but the difference is between a purely mechanical and an electronic/digital solution. 

Whereas there used to be significant overlap between the trades, in 2022 the two specialisms are now entirely different, especially with the technological and security innovations that most vehicle manufacturers have now adopted.

Types Of Keys

The keys to properties, including apartments, houses, offices, and schools, are broadly similar in design. Often of the mortice or flat blade variety, premises keys can usually be duplicated by a specialist key cutter for a relatively low price. Locksmiths are experts in door locks, particularly to help gain entry to a property if the key has been misplaced or the lock has failed.

In comparison, the keys of which auto locksmiths are experts are much more complex. A car key may have a physical ‘key’ element for the ignition, but all modern vehicles also utilise remote-controlled central locking with keys and fobs, or entirely keyless systems that are programmed by specialist equipment. These require expert knowledge and experience – something a traditional locksmith would not be able to help with.

Location And Urgency

In many circumstances, a traditional locksmith may not offer a same-day service, unless in an emergency. Even when a homeowner is locked out of their property, they may have an alternative means of access on a temporary basis (such as another door), so it is commonplace for a locksmith to be booked in advance, usually attending the customer’s home or place of work.

The assistance of an auto locksmith, however, is usually required urgently. Common reasons for calling an auto locksmith include lost keys at work or a key or immobiliser not working, leaving the car owner stranded. In these situations, the auto locksmith will need to be prepared to attend any location, including remote sites, often at short notice or outside normal office hours.

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