How Car Key Technology Has Changed Over The Years

Many people don’t think about the technological developments of their cars – they just jump in and go! It could even be said they take their cars for granted. But the onward march of progress has been consistent and nowhere is this clearer than in the technology developments of your humble car keys.

How Have They Changed?

In the early days of car keys, you had a different key for virtually every lock on the vehicle. You'd have a key to unlock the door, another to unlock the boot, another to unlock the glovebox, and another again to start it. Over time, this developed into one master key which could be used on every lock on the vehicle.

Then, technology took a leap forward and car keys began to use fobs. These fobs could speak with the onboard computers on the vehicle, allowing it to unlock remotely. Now, fobs are so advanced that many vehicles don't even come with a physical key anymore; you can unlock and start the vehicle simply by being in close proximity.

What Does This Mean For Safety?

Car key cloning has always been something for drivers to be aware of. Now it's more advanced than simply cutting a copy of your old-fashioned key. As car key programming has become an integral part of the way keys work, key programming equipment is now more useful to most car thieves than a key cutting jig. This means there are new and special considerations owners need to take into account when it comes to keeping their vehicles safe.

It also means the scope of aftermarket keys has changed, as providers now need to provide the proper cloning and programming equipment to allow locksmiths to provide replacement keys for customers.

Choosing Advanced Keys

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Image source: Pixabay