What Are The Benefits Of Transponder Keys?

What Are The Benefits Of Transponder Keys?

Technology in the automotive industry rattles along at a fair old pace. This has seen cars and the accessories we associate with them change drastically over time. Car keys are a great example of this and have come a long way since first being invented. This now sees most car manufacturers provide transponder style keys with their vehicles. But what are they and what benefits do they deliver?

What Is A Transponder Key For A Car?

In simple terms, a transponder is just a type of key that drivers use to lock, unlock and start their car with. But how does a car transponder key work? They contain tiny microchips which relay a low-level signal from the key to a receiver in the vehicle. Using RFID tech, the receiver then confirms the signal data is correct before unlocking or locking the car.

But What Benefits Does This Type Of Key Bring?

More Secure

Transponder keys are popular with many manufacturers due to the extra security they bring. Firstly, the transponder key itself is required for the car to start. This means that if a thief does break into it, they won't be able to drive off without the transponder. This type of key also makes life much more difficult for thieves if they tow a car away. The vehicle system will still need reprogramming in order to start up and this is an inconvenient task that puts most criminals off.

Better Functionality

As well as extra security, transponder keys also give improved functionality to users. The biggest benefit here is the way they combine accessing or locking a vehicle with other tasks. Most transponder keys, for example, will also arm the car alarm system when locking the vehicle up. This keeps it safe from thieves and saves owners having to put the alarm on separately. Each transponder car key is also unique to that particular vehicle. While spare keys can be sourced, each key is created to function with that car alone.

Simple To Use!

As well as security and functionality, these keys are popular because they are so simple to use. They are not complex or complicated in any way which is a big plus for car owners. With only a few clearly marked buttons to operate on each key, they are one of the easiest ways around to open or lock up a car. Their compact size also makes them very portable as well.

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