How To Protect Car Keys From Being Hacked

How To Protect Car Keys From Being Hacked

If you work in the auto trade then you will be well aware of the modern advances cars have seen over time. You may also get customers asking your advice on certain matters or calling you out to resolve certain issues. One hot topic right now is car key hacking. Since the birth of the latest ‘Proximity/Hands-Free’ keys, this is something that has been growing steadily. But what is car key hacking and how can you protect car keys from hacking?

What Is Car Key Hacking?

Modern transponder keys come with a range of benefits, such as being easier and more convenient to use. While they also offer decent security, some criminal types have begun to target them when stealing cars. This has given rise to what is known as car key hacking. In simple terms, this sees the car thieves hack into car keys digitally and open up vehicles. This can be done remotely without the thieves having to physically steal the keys or press a button on the fob! With this in mind, it is key to know how this crime works and how to protect car keys from hacking.

How Does Car Key Hacking Work?

This type of hacking works by criminals using high-tech kit which relays the signal from the remote to the car. This is the same signal which is relayed when you press the button or approach the car to open as normal. A common car key hacking scenario sees one thief using high-tech kit to steal the signal from car keys which are by someone's front door, while their partner uses it to start the car. The car can then be driven off before anyone realises what has happened.

How Do You Prevent Thieves Stalking Your Key Fob Signal?

The trick to staying safe from a car key fob hack is stopping thieves from stealing the signal. The problem is that this is quite tough because the signal is always being transmitted by most keys. One tip is to place keys in a Faraday Cage bag or wallet when not in use. This essentially stops the signal from getting out of the cage and thus stops thieves hijacking it. For the same reason, you can even put keys in the microwave at home to block the signal.

Passive remote keys go to sleep after a period of time, normally within minutes of use. This means that once you’ve locked your car and put your key down, the system switches off so no one can intercept the signal and unlock your car. Some newer vehicles come with this feature built-in.

Car Key Replacement For Auto-Locksmiths And Independent Garages

If you operate an independent garage or work as an auto-locksmith, car key hacking is something that you may get lots of calls about! Replacing hacked keys with secure new ones is something that many UK drivers need a hand with. Of course, you need replacement keys and key programming software to carry out this task first. Here at Advanced Keys, we supply an extensive range of replacement keys, transponders, and remotes to the trade. Contact us at today for more details.

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