• TDB750

TDB750 Volvo Security Dongle

The TDB750 is the perfect companion to the ASSET003 Volvo Key Programming software on the TDB1000

As Volvo (Except V40) can take anything from 30mins to 5hours+ leaving your tester connected is not always a viable option.

The TDB750 simply plugs to the OBD socket and runs the security access process standalone.

This saves you waiting with the vehicle and leaves you and your tester free to continue with the days work.

Once the security is found, it is stored in the memory of the dongle until placed on another vehicle.

A green solid light indicates security has been gained, you then simply connect the TDB1000 and continue to program keys.

PLEASE NOTE: The vehicle can not be driven whilst security is sought.

TDB750 - Making Volvo key programming viable

Must be used in conjunction with TDB1000 & ASSET003 software

Suitable for the following non hands free models


V60 2011 to 2016

V70 2008 to 2016

XC60 2008 to 2016

XC70 2008 to 2016

S60 2011 to 2016

S80 2007 to 2016

Note: V40 is not required as V40 will take under 10minutes with the TDB1000 software

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